• Oleodynamic Presses

    Oleodynamic Presses

    OLEODYNAMIC PRESSES are machines with different powers designed to form the molecular structure of a piece and make it into a finished product. They are fully built with high quality components and different sizes.

  • Forging Presses

    Forging Presses

    The presses for forging first treat hot material, at a high temperature and speed to allow the steel piece to be forged. The press for forging can reach 120-140 cycles per minute. It is made for tonnages of 10,000 kN to 50,000 kN (1000 tonnes to 5000 tonnes).

  • Drawbench for elbows

    Drawbench for elbows

    The drawbench for elbows are automatic systems which used to form curves from 8" to 48" and thicknesses of up to 50 mm through high temperatures and pressures. These machines are designed for manufacturers of forged fittings of large dimensions.  

  • System for manufacturing conterweights

    System for manufacturing conterweights

    The systems for the production of counterweights for home appliances in inert material are advance, complete and automated for the production of counterweights starting with the automatic loading of the basic product, automatic adjustment of the volume, automatic unloading of the moulded parts, storage of the various pieces on tables and storage of the tables in special racks that grow in height to contain the occupied space. 

  • Presses for SMC

    Presses for SMC

    Presses for SMC - SMC CARBON - RTM and PCM are used in the automotive industry and for the solar energy industry. We make these presses up to 50,000 kN (5,000 tonnes). We can also integrate into these presses the power system for the electric heating of the moulds, including automatic temperature control in the different areas of the mould and with power of different kW.



NRCM Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses made in Italy

NRCM hydraulic presses and special plants MADE IN ITALY

NRCM S.r.l. makes different types of presses for different industries. The company is based in the industrial area of Adro, in the province of Brescia, in an area with two sheds, one for making presses and the other for assembly and testing.

The main objective of NRCM S.r.l. is to meet the needs of our customers, through a highly trained and constantly up-to-date workforce, working on construction of presses with high-end components at world level (Bosch Rexroth, Siemens and many more). The company produces hydraulic/oleodynamic presses, hydraulic presses for manufacturing counterweights, oleodynamic presses for calibrating pipes, 2 to 4-column presses, upright presses, presses for seals and green presses. A team of twenty professionals working with passion and care from the initial design, construction, processing and assembly phases of the presses up to delivery to the customer. The advanced equipment used and the experience of the professional staff provide a full and attentive service for any customer need. 40 years' experience in the field by some of our professionals has enabled the development of the 3D design and FEM calculation technology, also paying maximum attention to energy conservation and respect for nature. Reliability, integrity, high-quality products and competitive prices are the cornerstones that have allowed the company to establish itself in the territory and expand into foreign markets, combating the economic crisis felt across our country. 


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