NRCM hydraulic presses and special plants MADE IN ITALY

Brescia, Lombardia, Italia

NRCM S.r.l. designs, constructs and overhauls presses produced for various sectors and types of use, such as moulding, deep drawing, straightening, bending, shearing, punching, etc.

NRCM S.r.l is based in the industrial area of Adro, in the province of Brescia, in an area with two sheds of 2000 and 1000 square meters, one for making presses and the other for assembly and testing, respectively. The company's goal is to combine our passion and experience in making presses with the highest quality materials and advanced equipment: hydraulic/oleodynamic presses, oleodynamic presses for manufacturing counterweights, oleodynamic presses for calibrating pipes, 2 to 4-column presses, upright presses, presses for seals and green presses. The presses are certified according to European directives and meet all legal standards and are ideal for working in complete safety.

Sheet (coining, shearing, deep drawing, bending);

Aggregates (counterweights production system for home appliances, complete with automatic inert loading and piece unloading, pressing and sintering of metal powders);

Steel pipe (pipe welding systems, calibration, hydraulic test);

Miscellaneous materials (industrial ceramics, SMC Sheet Moulding Compound, SMC CARBON);

Rubber (seals - melamine - brake pads);


Automotive sector (heat shields);

Mould makers (mould test);

Construction (building panels production system - drilling - marking - stapling - arched bending machines);

Wrapping machines (automatic horizontal and vertical wrapping coils);


NRCM S.r.l. manufactures a wide range of presses that meet the following criteria:

Special: Our special presses are designed and made to suit the specific requirements of our customers. All types of presses made by NRCM S.r.l. are built with high quality materials for dimensions, strokes, speed of the moving surface, with lower and/or upper cushion, with extractors and shock absorbers. All covered under Annex IV of the Machinery Directive. The maximum size of the lower fixed surface is 6,000 mm x 2,500 mm and with tonnage up to 40,000 kN (4,000 tonnes);

Standard: Our standard machines are designed with dimensions and speeds that are not covered under Annex IV of the Machinery Directive and with tonnage up to 5,000 kN (500 Tonnes).

The internal procedures allow products to be made conforming to welding standards ASME sect. IX, UNI-EN 287, RINA following the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and under the supervision of an IWS (International Welding Specialist). It can also perform internal checks on the welds through penetrating liquids (MT 2nd level IIS-PND-001193).