Servo Presse - ENERGY SAVING

Brescia, Lombardia, Italia
Servo Presse - ENERGY SAVING

Operational sub-units and units with a low energy impact are selected.In deep-drawing presses, managing the pressure of the blank holder enables a significant amount of energy recovery.In conventional systems with moulding from above, the force of the blank holder is managed by one or more hydraulic cylinders that control the pressure through control valves. Conventional management of systems with moulding from above is dissipative in nature - the oil leaving the cylinders of the blank holder flows into the valves and causes very high energy dispersion.The average power transferred from the cushion can range from 30% to 40% of the power used in moulding, depending on the product to be made.

NRCM has a variety of solutions that enable maximum efficiency and significant energy savings in relation to type of moulding and machine
cycle automation. The NRCM energy recovery system, which guarantees the optimum management of oil hydraulics during the complete
machine work cycle, can be financed in various countries throughout the world through public grants, and is therefore an important consideration
for anyone making a purchase. The exclusive architecture of the system also enables increased flexibility in deep-drawing processes
from underneath, managing obvious reductions in current absorbed by the pumps during the moulding phase.
In view of the cost of kW/h for moulding cycles, which varies from country to country, energy savings can be considerable.